Eureka Sunrise 11 Family 11-Foot by 11-Foot Six-Person Tent

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Eureka Sunrise 11 Family 11-Foot by 11-Foot Six-Person Tent
The family-sized version of our spacious Sunrise series. This tent sleeps 5-6 people comfortably.
Eureka Sunrise 11 Family 11-Foot by 11-Foot Six-Person Tent
Product By Eureka
Lowest Price : $239.97
Available From 9 Sellers
Product Features

  • Spacious square, dome-style tent sleeps up to six (11 by 11 floor; 121 square foot area)
  • Heavy duty bathtub floor made of 4-ounce 210D oxford polyester
  • Multicoated StormShield polyester fly won’t stretch when wet and resists UV breakdown
  • Includes corner organizer, wall organizer with mirror, two water bottle pockets
  • Center height of 84 inches; weighs 23 pounds, 15 ounces

Customer Reviews

 “Four Days Use, Satisfied” 2010-05-07
By William H. Bush (North Carolina)
I bought this to replace a 19-year-old pop-up dome, and am pleased with its size, neatness of construction and ventilation. I tried out the little vent below the door and found it effective. The gear loft and hanging shelves were handy for keeping gear straight. The rain fly was a little tough to put up alone with a breeze blowing, but I prevailed. In fact, I had practiced once at home before leaving for Merlefest (bluegrass, baby!) to set up for real. The main tent poles are very sturdy and amazingly long. I had a 4-layer super-thick tarp groundcloth under it, so when I had to step on the tent to work the poles through the sleeves, which seems unavoidable, there was no harm. The little ringed posts at each corner to insert in the poles would be better if they were two inches longer, as it would be easier to keep the pole on them during set-up. It was actually harder to get them out when taking the tent down, so maybe they are best as they are. The zippers and screens for the windows were well-done and effective. I had days from 70 to 90 degrees and nights from 45 to 60 and was always comfortable. The large windows and vented top seem well-protected by the fly, and I had no condensation or “funkiness”. The fasteners for the stakes were sturdy and held when pulled tight. Plastic stakes were included, but I had my own metal ones, so I cannot comment on the effectiveness or sturdiness of the yellow plastic ones. The instructions were clear and the tent folded neatly back into its bag. I’m happy with it, since I like the space for a chair and table as well as my cot. I even had room to set up a second cot to hold my wide-open suitcase and a large shoe bag. It is rated as a six-person tent, but I can’t imagine more than three people having room for sleeping, luggage and equipment, since as you can tell I like a living room at the campground. It weighs 23 pounds, so it is strictly a car camping item, I’d think.

 “This tent is great!” 2009-09-16
By Scotter Bob (Illinois)
I purchased this tent back in February after reading many reviews and doing a lot of research. I wanted a tent for occasional car camping with my wife and 2 kids. This is a nice size tent. It is very tall – 7 feet in the center. It might be crowded with four adults, though. It is super easy to put up. You could probably do it with one person, but it would be a bit awkward. I can’t tell you whether it leaks or not since it hasn’t rained when we’ve been in it. It wouldn’t matter anyway – we’d head to a motel. The tent is very high quality – no flaws or pieces missing. It is well constructed. When you’re done, the tent rolls up easily and goes back in the bag with the poles and everything – no problem.

 “It Leaks” 2009-07-22
By TLP (Denver, CO)
After a lot of research, I decided on this tent because of the many favorable reviews I saw and Eureka’s reputation for good tents. I am now tent shopping again (this one is two weeks old and has not gone on a single camping trip yet)…

Simply put: where the floor of the tent (the bottom dark blue) meets the wall (the light blue part) – this is a “bathtub floor” as Eureka and other reviewers refer to it. Nice because there is no ground level seam to leak during rain. But – it does leave a nice horizontal seam all the way around the tent (where the light and dark blue meet) that is not covered by the fly and IS NOT factory sealed.

We sealed the seams of this tent twice with three tubes of McNett. It rained – the floor of the tent was wet.

In spending a substantial amount of time on the phone with Eureka today, they apparently feel it is the job of a $6 tube of McNett to make sure you stay dry, not the job of a $250+ tent. I would have thought the seam sealing was a secondary safeguard, not a mandatory requirement – apparently Eureka is banking their reputation on a 3rd party rather than choosing to provide a quality product. We have always had REI tents until now, never sealed any of them and have always stayed dry. Will never buy another Eureka – they simply do not stand behind their product.

 “Best tent money can buy!” 2008-08-13
By Mark Loth (CA)
Just came back from Grand Canyon.Tent was simply perfect.Easy set up ,best ventilation lots of space.LOVE IT!!!

 “FirstTimeCamper” 2008-07-18
By GoCamping (MA, USA)
I spent endless hours online looking for a good tent. This was my first time camping and I was not sure at all what type of tent to buy. There is simply too much to chose from. I was basically looking for a reasonably price 3 season tent with good rain protection. Eureka SUnrise had the best reviews and I decided to go with this one.

We went for 2 nights camping at Acadia National Park in Maine. I tried to put it together myself alone but it was too hard to do it. I had to ask a friend to help me out. WIth 2 persons it is very easy to put up. The feature i liked the best was the 4 windows. It was a bit hot during the day and the cross ventilation kept the tent inside cool. At night it got a bit cold so we zipped the windows and after that it was nice and cozy inside. It did not rain so can’t comment on that aspect. It was easy to fold it and took a lot less time. The poles are a little heavy so if you have the $$$ then I would suggest to go with light weight aluminum pole tent.

I gave this tent 4 stars because the tent description said that even a single person can put it up but I found it very hard to do it especially there is no way a single person can put the rainfly by himself. The tent is 7 foot hight at the center and the rainfly has to go over it. You have to put the rainfly on the ground flat first, put the poles in it and then lift it and put it on top of tent. It is a huge rainfly and if its windy it is almost impossible for a single person to do it.

Overall I am glad that I purchased this tent. However at I paid $210 for this tent and not it is selling for $174 :(. I would say it is a good deal.



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