Special Machine/Tool CG-1 Roto Stripper

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Special Machine/Tool CG-1 Roto Stripper
Removes paint, varnish, rust, and corrosion. For use on wood, plastic, fiberglass, masonry, and metal. Flexible carbon steel wires will not gouge or burn surface. Attaches to any portable electric drill. 1 4″ shank. No. FG 1: Fine No. CG 1: Coarse
Special Machine/Tool CG-1 Roto Stripper
Product By Special Machine/Tool
Lowest Price : $8.90
Available From 8 Sellers
Product Features
  • Removes: paint, varnish, rust & corrosion
  • Fits any 1/4″ drill

Customer Reviews

 “ROTO STRIPPER” 2009-07-05
ROTO STRIPPER- does work beautiful,in getting paint off of wood.BUT and it is a BIG BUT-those wires on the Stripper CAN and WILL BREAK OFF SOONER or LATER.So MAKE SURE YOU WEAR GOGGLES or SOME KIND OF SHIELD TO PROTECT YOUR EYES. It DOES LAST FOR A LONG TIME. Our Last ONE LASTED FOR 10 YEARS.

 “Great, quick way to strip paint off an old garage…” 2008-11-23
By C. Burns
My parents had one of these about twenty or so years ago. I was in need of something that would strip the paint off an old garage. I went looking for this type of stripping tool accessory for a drill or grinder. This worked great. Stripped the paint off of a two car garage in about 2-3 hours and was able to paint it the same day.

By Ronald J. Edwards
We use the COARSE ROTO STRIPPER to Remove; loose, flaking & poorly bonded paint from concrete block walls… Great for irregular surfaces… Please, wear full Safety Equipment; Eye Goggles + Gloves etc. because this tool is Aggressive & paint chips fly everywhere…


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